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A new physical effect is described. Human brains are emotionally interconnected. The connection is directional with spin 1 symmetry and can be felt across global distances and through the earth. The exact physical nature of the effect remains unknown. Selective sensing of virtual photons, i.e. of electro- or magnetostatic forces, might be part of a future theoretical explanation.
m Based on the discovered effect, a plausible explanation of phenomena like telepathy and precognition is given. It is also made plausible how astrology and other ancient mythological beliefs have persisted unconsciously until today and continue to influence our fates by means of collective emotional feedback.
m The western astrological system is shown to be essentially composed of simple, opposing principles which originate from ancient greek philosophy. There are two main discoveries. Meanings associated with the star sign, different inner planets were in at birth time, influence how one relates to different classes of people. The meanings associated with star signs themselves derive from different mixtures of the four classical elements, more specifically, from meanings associated with transitions from one element to another. The discoveries are simple and specific enough to be verified quantitatively.
m Finally, some fundamental scientific and philosophical problems are discussed in light of the new discoveries.

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I am a physicist and live in Switzerland near Zürich. I was born there in 1966 and have studied physics at the Swiss Federal Instititute of Technology in Zürich (ETHZ). Then I have worked for four years at the IBM Zürich Research Lab in Rüschlikon for my PhD. After that I have spent one and a half years at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, working on the same stuff as at IBM. Currently, I am working 80% for iT_Security AG, a company in Zürich that makes smart card based security software. During some of the rest of my time, I have made the discoveries disclosed here. Here is a more formal curriculum vitae.

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