Here are some tales from my odyssey, reporting about the diverse islands I visited, the sirens, monsters and other creatures I met there, and a lot more...

Since this web site is a good part of my personal Ithaca, I will not be able to tell you these beautiful stories directly; this may be not so bad in the end, or even better in a way, since one can arguably not extract the ocean itself anyway, and most of its creatures look unspectacular on land and usually perish there, but, of course, see the rest of this site for some beautiful islands that rose from the sea, or search remaining original fragments in cyberspace...

All these wild adventures in usenet and completely unsuccessful attempts to interest famous authorities from various fields may seem predictably futile to some, especially in light of how almost universal narcissistic ignorance has been, with a few notable punctual exceptions in usenet - but do not forget that my best idea by far emerged from all of this, even if I did not get what I had originally wanted.

Not that my contributions here would be strictly necessary any more: Using the various tools and ideas presented on this site, you yourself should easily be able to forge at least one beautiful and special new thing, which I would never have imagined, and you might even be able to build a career on this sometime in the future. In any case, the ocean is now at best your problem, not mine any more !

So, here are some texts, detached and rearranged like dreams from anything that might cause the ones originally involved to shoo at me, like the owl at the phoenix...

I myself would not have hesitated in any way to just tell everything as I experienced it, even more directly than I did in virtual public places until 2009, but I guess no man is an island, i.e. feelings are inseparable, weave fate... :)

But who would claim that a sign ceases to be a sign, just because its cause has been revealed ? - Věra Linhartová


In preparation. This site has been growing steadily, but also very slowly since 2005. Preparing high quality content simply takes time...

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