Can the idea that has been presented so far grow into a formal theory that can be confirmed experimentally ?


  • I think yes, but only over lots of time.
  • In any closed system, entropy, roughly a measure of disorder, can at best remain constant, but usually it increases. With time, macroscopic directed motion and structures decay into microscopic random motion, which is, by definition, heat. Life manages to escape this fate by operating in open systems, by exporting disorder into the environment. That way, living beings can grow from microscopic seeds to complex structures and animals can repeatedly create directed motion.
    Since science considers the outside world to be mainly inanimate and the mind to be located in a piece of organic matter, the brain, it predicts that outside motion tends to disappear, while inside the conscious mind has a hard time to focus on something, because lots of mostly unconscious activity in the brain keeps stirring things up.
    Science is thus essentially compatible with the considerations presented in the main text, except for science's qualitative notion that creating motion inside the mind is active, requires energy, like outside. This might, however, simply be due to the viewpoint of science, which only considers facts in the outer, material world and might thus not be able to describe inner processes as experienced from the inside...
  • Since the question is so open and the possibilities are so many, let me for the moment simply list my personal favorites. See the rest of this site. And don't miss the archive !
  • The idea is beautiful as it is, evolution is optional.
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